Tips on How to Get Recruited by College Football Coaches

Successfully getting recruited by college coaches can be very stressful because it requires effort, time, and a lot of self-confidence to convince college recruiters why you are better than the rest of the 1,000,000 other high school football players that are also in your same position. In this article, Crucible Select will give you recruiting tips on the best ways to get college football coaches’ attention and get recruited.

When Does Football Recruiting Start?

Depending on the NCAA recruiting schedule, between April 15th – May 31st coaches are allowed to perform evaluating high school football prospects and are limited to three evaluations per player. There are dead periods and quiet periods where coaches can’t see potential recruits off-campus due to NCCA regulations, however, you can always contact them through email during these times. Serious recruiting contact will begin in June of a player’s sophomore year or in September of their junior year, depending on the division level of the college program. Once October comes around you shouldn’t expect to receive any type of communication from college coaches, scouts, or other recruiters. This doesn’t mean that you stop your recruiting journey at all! There is still more you can do!

Best Ways to Contact a Coach

Football Recruit Questionnaires 

If you want college coaches to be aware of you as a high school football prospect for their program you need to reach out to them directly. Take time to fill out “football recruit questionnaires” that request your photo, Hudl highlights, social media information, intended majors, location, high school, and much more. Not all questionnaires are the same but it’s important that you put your best foot forward if prompted to answer any questions regarding your abilities, goals, and desire to be a part of their football program.


Yes, email is the best form of communication when you want to get in touch with college coaches. Find the college program’s staff directory within their athletic department and you will find their contact information. They receive countless emails a day so make sure that you follow up with them by phone and focus on building a relationship with them after you have completed your football recruit questionnaire so that after your call they could find more information about you within their recruiting system. 

Recruiting Videos

Show your skill-set and leadership in a fashionable way by creating a football recruiting video. Humans are naturally visual human beings that like to believe what they see. A visual representation of your abilities and impact in the game will then leave coaches with the thought of how you could be implemented in their schemes. Incorporating a highlight video with a personalized video to a coach will only increase your odds of being noticed. According to Campaign Monitor, an email marketing software company, “personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%. Also, emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.” So don’t be afraid to show make a memorable introduction by personalizing your recruiting videos that will be sent to the school programs that you are interested in.

Where to Catch a College Coach’s Attention

Football Camps and Showcases

To get yourself on a national radar you need to make a name for yourself at camp showcases such as Crucible Select Training Camps, where athletes get recognized, coached by former/current NFL, NCAAF, and prestigious high school coaches, and ranked in competitive challenges that could land them an invitation to the Carolina Bowl. It is essential to go to events where you can get in front of scouts and recruiters that represent the school that you want to attend for football. Put yourself in a prime situation to get personal with them and perform at a high-level that will make you unforgettable when they return to the office.

Academics – It’s Not All About Football

When you are in a situation where you can talk to a coach one on one it is essential to discuss your interest in their schools academic programs as well. Coaches want to see you succeed in life on and off the field and are more interested in students who will be able to meet all athlete grade requirements if recruited. Depending on the school, you will need to make sure that your grades match up with the school’s requirements to be considered to college coaches so keep your nose in the books when you’re not in the gym or field. 

Social Media 

Make some noise on various media channels so that you can be seen by not only the coaches but the public. Social media platforms such as twitter, facebook, instagram, and many others are great places to post not only your highlights but also your training. Show your passion and dedication to your craft. While you focus on boosting your social presence it is essential to watch what you are posting. Everything you share with the world is a representation of you so use this tool wisely because it could get a coach’s attention in a good or bad way depending on what you post. We strongly advise that you make your accounts as professional as possible and delete any content that could question your character.

What do College Coaches Look for When Recruiting

Your Character on and off the Field

NCAA football is tough and is filled with proven players who have the skill-set to play at the next level so it’s important that you act professionally on and off the field. Coaches are interested to see your passion for the game and how you lead others when the odds are against you. Are you a player that falls under pressure or is mentally strong enough to excel when it gets tough? The biggest fault that football players have is letting their mistakes get the best of their in-game abilities and make sure to watch if you have any of these moments of inconsistency and what you do during them. College coaches want to see your IQ knowledge of the game and your playmaking abilities, but they also want to see that you have the same impact in the classroom with your grades. Take time to train yourself to be mentally and physically tough for all situations and don’t make decisions that will have them question your character off the field.

Use Your Resources

High School Football Coach

Use your relationship with your high school coach to write you a recommendation letter that can communicate your impact on the team. You can’t always rely on your athletic abilities to represent yourself, however, your coach might have connections with college coaches that could help you get your foot in the door into a D1 football program. This material can also be attached in your emails to college coaches to give them extra information to learn more about you as a person and player.

Local Specialized Football Training

There are many independent coaches and facilities that live and breathe football who want to see young athletes succeed. Look up what is available in your area and connect with mentors who can take your skills to a higher level on top of your typical football practices. If your goal is to go to the NFL in the future you will need to train like one and it’s never too early to start now!

If Football Recruit Offers Roll In

Keep All Offers on the Table

Just because it was your dream football program to get into there is nothing wrong with starting small and then transferring to a more desired program. Acknowledge what are realistic expectations and make what gets handed to you after all of your hard work. Even after all of that work there is still more to do in order to prove yourself as a professional football player. Take time to improve and work on your craft.

What if I Don’t Get a Offer?

Stay optimistic and don’t let this hurdle influence you to fall away from achieving your goals. Continue to build your skills and get in front of coaches as a walk-on when you get into your chosen college. There are plenty of underdog stories of walk-ons who then successfully earned their place on a team and undrafted rookies who then carved out a name for themselves in the NFL. Keep grinding!

What is Crucible Select?

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