5 Football Recruiting Tips on How to Email a College Football Coach

The typical college coach receives thousands of emails a day from interested high school football prospects who are all eager for the same opportunity as you. It’s very important to not only grab the coaches attention but also make your introduction memorable when given the chance. In this article, Crucible Select will give you 5 tips on how to email a college football coach and successfully get noticed in order to be evaluated. 

Email Attachments

Recruiting Video

Attach your recruiting highlights, or Hudl profile video to your email to provide easy access for them to visually see your athletic abilities. Sharing this type of material not only makes it easier for the coaches to add you to their system, but it also shows that you have a high-interest level in their program. 

Any Achievements

If you have received any athletic or academic awards make sure to add those to your email. Coaches want to see what you have accomplished on and off the field. 

Email Subject Line

Make your email pop by adding important details that are important to the coach in your subject line.


2021 Wide Receiver, 6’3 210lbs, 4.4 40yd dash 

2021 TX, 5-Star Recruit Cornerback, Attached Highlight Video

2021 All-American & Team Captain LB, 6’1 250lbs, 4.6 40yd dash

Highlight your achievements, athletic ability, strength, football awards, and any other features that makes you an interesting prospect to learn more about.

Personalize Your Email

You don’t want to send the same email template to every single college coach in the United States. Personalize your message by talking about why you’re interested in their football program and school. Do some research on their staff and communicate why you think you would succeed if they coached you. This could be done with a short paragraph or you could send them a video so that you could showcase your confidence, and they can get to know more about you as a player rather than just another high school football prospect. Make sure to also tell them what you will be doing next and don’t be afraid to invite them to an upcoming game. 

Make it Simple – Important Information Only

This type of email is not supposed to look like an essay or feel like an essay to the coach reading it. It is simply an introduction email. Keep it simple and tell them the basic details that they need to know about you: height, weight, skill training results, position, location, high school, academic standing, and other contact information. The shorter the email is the more likely it will be fully read by the coach.

Grammar Check Before You Send It

Don’t send an email right away. Take some time to read it over and word it in a professional manner. Referencing another college or having material that doesn’t really apply to the school will cause bad results. None of the coaches want to recruit a football prospect that doesn’t care enough to put their best foot forward. Don’t be reckless and take your time with your emails.

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