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2021 Training Camps

WE ARE BACK! Please check back for updated location information regarding other 2021 Training Camps! Below you will find a list of available 2021 Crucible Select Camps and instructions on how to register. The specifics on what to bring and a tentative schedule will be provided as we get closer to the actual camp dates. […]

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“Jack’s season is off to a great start.  He’s starting at middle linebacker and at tight end, and also spends some time at fullback.  He never comes out of the game unless it’s a blowout.  He’s racking up a ton of tackles, several QB pressures and sacks, and a ton of yardage on offense.  He’s truly […]

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At-Home Workout for High School Football Players Without Equipment

Football is a physical sport that demands lots of muscle mass and stamina in order to withstand the wear and tear of continuous contact. The top athletic traits that football players are required to have to be successful on the field is explosive power, fluid change of direction, top speed, durable stamina, and brute strength. […]

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Tips on How to Get Recruited by College Football Coaches

Successfully getting recruited by college coaches can be very stressful because it requires effort, time, and a lot of self-confidence to convince college recruiters why you are better than the rest of the 1,000,000 other high school football players that are also in your same position. In this article, Crucible Select will give you recruiting tips on […]

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